Concept and staff Wrong People

Wrong People

Standard and concept


Style Wrong People

Wrong People - Street fashion lifestyle - is an all italian brand born in 2011. With its unconventional cutting Wrong People wants to highlight the wearer's personality, by combining versatility with an always recognizable style, which knows how to get outside the box without ever being excessive.


Quality Wrong People

All our products are Made in Italy certified and, thanks to the controlled supply chain, we can guarantee an high quality production as we boast continuous collaborations with major companies in the textile sector. The design is internal to the structure, prototypes and samples are exclusively made ​​with labor provided by our employees, who always ensure a careful check on the quality of the final product.


Comfort Wrong People

Careful controls of the quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes and the appropriate choice of fabrics ensure an high comfort level of our garments. Wearing Wrong People is not just a matter of style, but also, and above all, a matter of feeling at ease.


Our team

Carlo Di Fazio

Founder / AD / CEO

Roberto Romito

Cool Hunter / Fashion Designer / Co-Founder / Co-Head

Andrea Simone

Webmaster / Web Designer

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